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With a genuine intention of hoping ‘to create a group of people who would brighten the Order of the Gautama Buddha’ the meritorious premises named ‘the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery’ was originated for the wellbeing of both human and deity worlds since the foundation stone was laid by the hands of Most Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero on August 14th, 1999. The Mahamevnawa became one of the famous Buddhist monasteries in Sri Lanka and as well as in other countries around the world, only within twelve years of short time period since the monastery was started.

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Nearly two thousand and five hundred years back in the road of history, the most beautiful and gracious event happened, the emergence of our mighty Lord Buddha. In the same era, there was an unquenched thirst among the public to find the truth of life and in order to find or achieve that, they practiced various methods. However, those people were fortunate enough to be touched by the supreme wisdom of the Gautama Buddha. Lord Buddha went looking for them and showed them the hidden truth of life in a unique way that no one ever had come across.

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Great Pagodas of Mahamevnawa

The Most Fortunate One once told the Bhikku Ananda as follows:
“Dear Anada, there are four persons that are worthy of worshiping with Pagodas. They are the Tathagata Arahath Samma Sabuddha, the Pacchekha Buddha, the great disciples (Arahants) of the Buddha, and a Universal King.”

“Dear Ananda, why is it worthy to build Pagodas in the name of the Buddha and worship it? Dear Ananda, many people will open their hearts and become faithful towards the Buddha and His Pagoda when they worship it remembering Him. The merits they obtain from that faith and joy from their open hearts towards the Buddha and His Pagodas will result in giving births in heaven after they die. Dear Ananda, this is why it is worthy to build and worship the Pagodas in the name of the Supreme Buddha.” Read more about Great Pagodas

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  • Recollection-of-death
    15. Recollection of death (Maranhānussati)
    Namo Buddhaya! May homage to the Blessed One, the Noble One, the Perfectly Enlightened One! 15.1 Meditation on recollection of death Into the one word, diligence… Foot marks of all animals with two, four, or many legs can be inserted into foot marks of an elephant. Similarly, […]...
  • 10 The Buddha had unlimited compassion
    10 The Buddha had unlimited compassion
    Namo Buddhaya! May homage to the Blessed One, the Noble One, the Perfectly Enlightened One! 10 The Buddha had unlimited compassion - The Life of Buddha for — One day, the children’s nanny got very sick. She was in great pain. Both Vishaka and Bimsara were very […]...
  • 14. Anussati Bhāvanā (The six recollections)
    14. Anussati Bhāvanā (The six recollections)
      Namo Buddhaya! May homage to the Blessed One, the Noble One, the Perfectly Enlightened One! 14. Anussati Bhāvanā (The six recollections) Contents ↓ 14.1 Buddhānussati Bhāvanā (meditation about the qualities of the Supreme Buddha) 14.2 Dhammānussati Bhāvanā (meditation about the qualities of the Dhamma) 14.3 Sanghānussati […]...
  • The Wise Shall Realize
    The Wise Shall Realize
    Mankind’s wonderful treasure of wisdom is the Teachings of the Supreme Buddha. This Noble Doctrine, the Dhamma, illuminates our lives, bringing happiness and joy. Go in search of this wonderful Dhamma, lead your life accordingly, eradicate suffering, and join that fortunate band of people who experience the Supreme Bliss....

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The Arahanths who attained the Nibbāna

Verses of the Great Arahants

1.1.4. Punhnha Thero’s stanza.

4. It is the wise gentlemen (Kalyānamitta) who show the good that should be associated with. Their wisdom is profound. Those wise people are the ones who practice the Dhamma without any delay. They have realized the extremely deep and difficult to comprehend trenchant meaning of the Four Noble Truths.

-This is the stanza delivered by Arahant Punhnha Thero.

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Dhammapada in detail

  1. 1st Stanza »Tale of Chakkupala Thero - Strange are the results of bad deeds.
  2. 2nd Stanza »Tale of Mattakundalee - If one performs meritorious deeds, the result will be happiness.
  3. 3rd,4th Stanzas »Tale of Thulla Tissa Thero - Hatred will be ceased only through love.
  4. 5th Stanza »The story of Kali the she devil - Hatred is not quenched by hatred
  5. 6th Stanza »Tale of the two fighting monks in Kosambe - Many people do not know that those who get involved in fights get destroyed themselves.
  6. 7th, 8th Stanzas »Tale of Chula Kala and Maha Kala theros. - The person with discipline and determination conquers everything
  7. 9th, 10th Stanzas »Story of Devadatta - What is the use of the yellow robe to a person with dirt (klesas) in his mind?
  8. 11th, 12th Stanzas »The Tale of the two friends Upatissa and Kolita - If one gets deceived by worthless things he loses worthy things
  9. 13th, 14th Stanzas »Tale of Arahant Nanda - Mind that remains within Dhamma is always safe.
  10. 15th Stanza »Tale of Chundasukarika, the butcher of pigs - Sinners heritage will only be sorrow
  11. 16th Stanza »Tale of Dhammika, the lay disciple - When meritorious deeds are performed it will result in happiness in this world as well as the next.
  12. 17th Stanza »Last days of Devadatta - One who committed sins has to repent
  13. 18th Stanza »The story of Princess Sumana Devi - One who performs merit rejoices in both worlds.
  14. 19th, 20th Stanzas »Tale of two friendly monks - while preaching Dhamma to the world if one does not follow it, there will be no use for him.
Dhammapada in detail

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