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The Monastery located in Udaaparakka in Matara is like a divine habitat and is a light to the entire south region of Sri Lanka. The newly-ordained meritorious Bhikkus of the Mahamevnawa are trained and disciplined on the Bhikku-hood according to the Order of the Gautama Buddha based on this monastery. Here are some beautiful image of Mahamevnawa Mahaviharaya.


Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery in Polgahawela in Sri Lanka is the first as well as the main monastery among the rest of the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monasteries that have been established throughout the world. This monastery was built about a beautiful and small mountain surrounded by fascinating sceneries of the mother-nature. Large, greenish trees that have grown as to touch the sky give a natural shade to the monastery’s premises. Here are some images of the Monastery.


Mahamevnawa Monastery in India is situated in a beautiful land near the River Neranjana, and the Vajirasana of the Buddhagaya where the Gautama Buddha attained His Buddha-hood is within the visual path of the monastery premises.


The Mahamevnawa branch in California located in the Orange County close to Los Angeles was begun on August 29th, 2010. It is an ideal place for soothing one’s mind, especially in a society of complex life styles. Sri Lankan people who live in California take the benefit of having the monastery that spreads the true teachings of the Gautama Buddha.

Swarnamali Great Pagoda

This is the first Pagoda that was built in the Mahamevnawa Monasteries. This Pagoda has been built resembling the Swarnhamali Maha Seya located in the Park Mahamevnawa in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. The Pagoda built in the Mahamevnawa Mahaviharaya is beautified by breath taking background with natural sceneries of the premises.



With the sole intention of serving the people of Toronto, its founder Venerable Bhikkhu Kiribathgoda Gnānānanda, started the Toronto chapter in 2006, making it the first overseas centre of the Mahamevnāwa Buddhist Monastery Network.

Siri Sambudu Great Pagoda

This is the second Pagoda built in the Mahamevnawa Monasteries. This Pagoda was built to commemorate the attainment of the Samma Sambudda-hood of the Gautama Buddha. Because of the devotees’ well involvement and the commitment in the project, its construction was completed in a short time period of less than a year. The significance of this Pagoda construction is that its interior (garbhaya) is open to the devotees. They can go in and worship the large and beautiful Buddha statue and the casket enshrined with the relics of the Gautama Buddha (Dhatu Karaduwa) inside the Pagoda’s interior.

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