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Mahamevnawa Buddhagyan Ashram, India

This is the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery located in India. This Monastery was opened about few years ago and was named as “Buddhagyan” after the meaning of “Wisdom of the Buddha”. It is situated in a beautiful land near the River Neranjana, and the Vajirasana of the Buddhagaya where the Gautama Buddha attained His Buddha-hood is within the visual path of the monastery premises. At present, the Buddhism is inactive in India even though it was where the Gautama Buddha was born. After thousands of years passing by without a chance for the Indian people to learn what the Buddha said, the Buddhagyan monastery is like an oasis for the Dhamma loving people in India.

The children living around the monastery area gather to learn, worship, and even to participate in practicing meditation that the Buddha taught us profoundly. These children and as well as their parents now have a chance to cultivate merits that will help them in their present and many after lives.

The monastery provides a number of religious and social services to the society in India. These services include teaching the Dhamma to Indian children, performing Dhamma related activities including preaching discourses in devotees’ homes,
helping talented Buddhist children to get an education in English medium, providing free computer education to poor children, and executing a Dhamma library.

Address ෴
Tel. ෴ 00919006029637
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Meditation Programs

Monthly program ෴ On first Sunday of every month,
from 08.00am to 02.30pm.
Sunday Dhamma School ෴ 
from 08.00am to 12.00pm

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Waduwawa, Yatigal Oluwa, Polgahawela, Sri Lanka.
Phone: (094) 37 22 44 602
Fax: (094) 37 22 44 602

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